All works were produced at home through the use of an Olympus BH2 microscope attached to a Canon 5DMKIII DSLR.  I have spent the past two years experimenting with photographing various substances at high magnification while attempting to improve my microscopy, micrography, and digital workflow techniques.  

The colors present in the prints are not digital creations but rather are a natural result of the application of polarized lighting techniques to micro-crystals possessing birefringent properties.  The colors are indicative of the optical properties of the crystal structures. That is to say; the crystals do indeed look this way under the scope. The photographs of ferrofluid and various inks are also naturally colored.

Each image here is a panorama comprised of many individual photos allowing for a larger field of view while maintaining the detail available at higher magnifications.  At a resolution of 300dpi, many of these photos could be printed upwards of 12 feet wide.